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Moon Sug4r
Sunday, February 16th, 2014
Last Update:
Wednesday, February 12th, 2014
Comedy, Random, Crossover
On the Last Day, the planet was consumed in the vaporizing tides of balefire and radiation as the machinations of war could sustain its ruthless inhabitants no longer. Those who were lucky enough to escape the devastation did so in great underground shelters, known as Stables. A quiet darkness fell across the lands, locking it a seemingly never ending limbo. This was all the occupants of Stable Six knew when they enter the shelter. All four of them. Nine months have passed in the Stable, and a fruitless war has been waged for half of that time. The object of such conflict? The nine Sparkle-Colas that are presumed to inhabit the Stable's Mess Hall. The Stable has been locked into a civil war ever since the stock of this precious liquid ran low, the feuding factions being the Liberators and the Dwellers. Regardless, not much happens in this strange place. Boredom being a pony's worst enemy as opposed to the verbal onslaught from an opposing force. But little did these ponies know, life in the Stable is about to change...
A/N This is my first attempt at writing comedy, so I would really appreciate some criticism as it will go a very long way in improving future chapters. I've also edited the chapters to the best of my abilities. So if there are any grammatical errors present, can you point them out?

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