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Thursday, July 25th, 2013
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Sunday, July 7th, 2013
Romance, Tragedy, Alternate Universe
In Stable 37, love was not permitted. It may sound harsh to those unfamiliar with the concept of their little stable, but in truth, nopony that lived in the stable actually cared. It was their way of life down there, deep underground. The way things had always been. But the thing that made Stable 37 special wasn’t the fact that love was forbidden, but that there were scouting teams that were allowed to leave their underground home and go out into the Equestrian Wasteland. The scouting teams had always tried to bring back a “special prize” for their home, something that would help the future generations prosper. In her youth, the unicorn Ivory Locket had heard much talk amongst the mothers about the “special prize” that the teams had nabbed on their most recent trips outside, but only once in her life had she ever seen one of the prizes for herself. In the far back rooms - far from the passing gazes of the female ponies that trotted freely around the stables, far from convenience – there was the Holding Zone. And in that Holding Zone, held the stable’s prizes. Stallions. Captured stallions. In Stable 37, love was not permitted. And that was Stable 37's way. ~~~~~~~~~~ This is my Fallout: Equestria fanfiction! The story is magnificent, and any who have not read it are encouraged to! Inb4 "Seaspray is Pinkie Pie"

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