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Friday, June 8th, 2012
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Monday, June 4th, 2012
Sad, Dark, Adventure, Alternate Universe
In the ruins of embattled Lunangrad, the proud city of Equestria's most northern climes, a Dashite finds an injured pony alone and helps him, despite the risk to herself, holding the example of a certain Lunagrad Crusader before her as a shining example. But this pony, a stallion who's not truly even fully grown quite yet, is more than what meets the eye. Two ponies each face their own struggles: one must learn to overcome her own disappointment and fear to help a stranger, and the other must come to terms with his own motivations, and face an ugly truth behind at least some of his bravery. (A Oneshot set in the Fallout Equestria Universe.Credit to Kkat, for this dark chest of wonders. Credit to MasterJosh140 for the AWESOME picture. Go look at the gallery! Go!)
Jun 4th, 2012

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