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Sunday, March 25th, 2012
Dark, Comedy, Crossover, Adventure
The Equestrian Wasteland is no more. Little Pip controls the weather from the safety of the S.P.P and her friends have purified the wastelands using the Gardens of Equestria. This is not their story. Two years or so after the events of FOE, a mechanic leaves the safety of Junction Town because his mother has grand baby fever and wants her son to find a nice mare and settle down. She might have done this while yelling in the middle of town, during lunch. This mechanic is named Monkey "Monk" Wrench and he has a natural gift with machines and hoof to hoof fighting. Monk however does not have the gift of good judgment. Soon he meets up with a band of crazy ponies who, in their own ways, are as dense as the 'hero' of the story. Together, they traverse through out the land, and into the wasteland that still thrives beyond the borders of civilization. Will they cause havoc across Equestria Reborn? Are there awkward and uncomfortable moments involving ghouls? Will there be new monsters and settings based loosely off of Point Lookout? Do two hundred year old memory orbs dot the landscape like candy a mint-als fueled Pinky Pie Party? Can the Author Avoid Mary-Sue OC's? These questions and more, most which you would never want to ask, will be answered in: "Fallout Equestria: A Cure for What Ails You." Coming soon to a PC near you. Requires the original FOE to play, viewer discretion is advised.

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