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Saturday, September 3rd, 2016
Last Update:
Sunday, October 22nd, 2017
Adventure, Comedy, Crossover, Dark, Thriller
Dr. Dip is a well known, strict, serious yet intellectual doctor and autopsy specialist in Stable 63. He takes on every day tasks on keeping his patients on top form each and every day. The only problem is that things have been different lately and Dip cannot put his hoof on exactly what. In this horrific tale of lies and deception cast in a bloody landscape, Dr. Dip is paired with an insane and fire loving maniac as they find out what their "trusted" Stable is actually hiding from them deep within the Stable walls. Curiosity kills.
Aug 15th, 2016
Aug 19th, 2016
Sep 26th, 2016
Dec 15th, 2016
Oct 22nd, 2017
Oct 22nd, 2017

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