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Chaos Phantasm
Tuesday, May 24th, 2016
Last Update:
Thursday, June 30th, 2016
Adventure, Crossover, Dark, Drama, Romance, Tragedy
Alternate Title: The Crystal Dominion. After 200 years, and only a year after the Neighvarro incident, the pre-war nation, the Crystal Empire makes its stunning return, bringing with it new hope for the Equestrian Wasteland. With the NCR entering its earliest stages of development, territory wars break out, treaties are made, and factions are forced to work together to make the ensuing peace last. Only not everything is as it seems, strange creatures have started appearing, and a threat from the east and west marks the coming of an endless storm. The horrors of the wasteland never die, and the return of this Crystal Dominion has fractured a balance set in place since the end of the Enclave. This crystal super-power will spark the embers of a new great war, with the New Canterlot Republic trapped in its shadow. History will be re-written, the true horrors of the Wasteland will make their mark, and an Empire shall live again. There is a storm is coming.
Any similarity to other Fo:E fics containing the Crystal Empire are purely coincidental. I do however give credit to the authors of those stories, who added onto the lore for inspiration in shaping my own version of the Crystal Empire. Based on the characters from Fallout: Equestria created by Kkat Guest characters: Blackjack, Morning Glory and Psychoshy/Whisper were created for PH by Somber Edited by: Word Worthy [size=0.75em] (Prologue - Chapter Two.)[/size] Moosetasm. Assistant editor - Kirito-Persona Cover art by: turbopower1000

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