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Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
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Adventure, Crossover, Grimbright, Comedy
This is likely one of the most crazy tales you ever heard about the Equestrian Wasteland... Buckshot is as a simple raider as anypony can get. He enjoys pillaging, murdering ponies and destroying things like any of his gang members. But when one night, a mysterious alien vessel beams him up into its belly, and takes him far beyond the clouds and horizon, he unknowingly, and unwillingly becomes the first of his species to fight off the hordes from the Stars. But the vicious aliens are persistent ones, and more divided than anypony could think. As more then one of their factions try to recover the secret the downed Troopship holds, buried in the sands of the wastes, Buckshot and his companions find themselves in the middle of a War of Worlds... Will the Wasteland survive? Will the unwilling “hero” manage to drive off the invaders once and for all from his planet? And what is the aliens’ secret that ties to the start of the Great War hundreds of years ago, and managed to find its way once again to Equestria? All these questions will be answered, if you care to listen the tale of a classic antihero! One thing is certain: this galaxy is sure ain’t big enough....

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