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Saturday, February 25th, 2017
Last Update:
Thursday, May 5th, 2022
Crossover, Drama, Mystery, Sad, Thriller
My name is Smoke Pipe let's just say my mother wasn't a smart mare. I am known to many of old world as a private Detective. During that faithful morning. I was hunting a very old stallion that..I had been chasing for year's. Then the world started to burn he and I have been hunting each other for the past 200 year's. I wish to bring him to justice. But a odd Black Orb that looks like a memory orb was given to me..By a mare on the run..from some unsavory ponies. Known as the Black Aces. Welcome to a part of Equestira known as Wymarnic. A calm mountain part of Equestria. I walk the roads of this small part of Equestria that is mostly controlled by gangs..The lavender crew. The Black Aces, The chain boys, and the Black Stripes. I learn that this Orb holds the key to why Equestria's army fired on their own in this area of Equestria and why they refused to help us here.

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