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Friday, February 24th, 2017
Last Update:
Friday, October 19th, 2018
Adventure, Crossover, Dark
A tribal stallion with a hatred of the NCR must relive his dreadful past in order to clear his mind, but will his second personality follow through?
Midnight is a trader, supplying those across the Wastes with food water and ammunition. He's from one of the oldest tribal groups around the area of Vanhoover and rarely makes trips to Las Pegasus. He does indeed have a twisted fate as his attitude can light as fast as a puddle of gasoline. After it's lit he no longer stays friendly and will relentlessly murder those close by. It is this trait the Sniper In Rags is known for and is wanted by the NCR. This stallion may be able to overcome those in Power Armor and survive a bullet or two, but everything has a price. Will he be able to overcome the trails of the Wasteland and a 20,000 cap bounty or will he succumb to the swallowing strength and the vices the Wastes contain?
Warning this story will contain: Blood, Gore, Substance Abuse, and Mental Disorders.
Please, by all means, enjoy the story :twilightsmile:

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