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Solaris Rin Ursa
Saturday, September 3rd, 2016
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Monday, August 1st, 2016
Adventure, Alternate Universe, Comedy, Crossover, Dark
Not everything is quite what it seems, unless it seems like the world turned into a barren wasteland full of terrifying monsters and the fact that everypony is crazy enough to kill for water and food. Then yes it’s exactly how it seems, it’s been one-hundred and thirty-seven years sense Equestrian and the Zebra mega spells went off and killed almost everything in their path. But you didn’t come here for a history lesson about some trivial things that wiped out your ancestors. My names Scattered Hope, but you can call me Sixes. I got my nickname from my love of revolvers and my knack to carry everything I have in multiples of six. Ya it causes problems when I go out looting but I don’t do that much. You see I’m a Mercenary I belong to a group called The Forgotten Eden, and we go around taking jobs and doing what we’re paid to do. But before you ask yourself “does that include killing innocents and the more inappropriate things in the waste land?” For one we aren’t raiders as I’ve stated already we’re Mercs, and we at least have morals. Second, sense when in the wasteland is anypony innocent? [rule] A big shout out to I Like Ponies, and PipDoodle for going over my really bad grammar. Plus my good friend [url=]N1ghtWatch[/url] for writing the story with me as a Collaboration and allowing me to use his Oc. Disclaimers: I do not own Fallout or My Little Pony so this is just for fun and enjoyment. And a big thanks to Kkat, Somber, and all the other writers out there that make and evolve the FoE universe. (Authors Notes: I will be adding tags as needed. And no I am not planing on any sex scenes or anything of the like, although it could still happen but still unlikely. And lastly N1ghtWatch and I will be will be writing this as a dual perspective book.)

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