Everfree Group - Looking For Players

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Everfree Group - Looking For Players

Post by DamnfoolBrony » Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:48 am

The town keeps the name it had from before the Zebricans visited destruction on Equestria. They called it “Everfree Falls” -- owing to the beautiful waterfalls less than a mile or two within the borders of the forest -- and it was a modest contemporary to Ponyville, its lifeblood being agriculture and the popularity of the nearby natural wonders. Now, with Everfree a bit more hostile towards interlopers than she once was, Everfree Falls focuses on producing the one thing in the Wasteland always in short supply.

The soil on the outskirts of Everfree is among the last left in Equestria which can be reliably cultivated. Whereas most settlements in the Heartland forage, ranch or otherwise try their hooves at culturing the wild edibles of the Wasteland, Everfree Falls can engage in proper farming with the only somewhat mutated descendants of Pre-War cultivars. These large yields of highly nutritious crops put Everfree Falls on the map, for better or worse, and “worse” is on its way.

From the West, a Unity task-group marches from their forward operating base in Old Appleoosa to test and dominate the Everfree Outskirts region by hook or by crook. To the South, Manehattan’s rust-rotted corpse bristles with violence, the obscene success of its Stable programs having released untold equine families into its sturdy metro to make their way unguided in the new world, desperation and clannishness following not far behind. To the North and East, sleeping dogs lie no more, as both the Army steel of Stalliongrad and the Navy flotsam of the Great Eastern Ocean stir and awaken to their once lost purpose. And above it all, the question of the Enclave hangs, that valley of clear sky bringing dread as often as it brings Celestia’s warming rays.

They call it the “Everfree Divide”-- a great big corridor of open sky bookended by two huge Enclave cloudwalls. Every storm Everfree puts out gets funneled down it; straight across the Heartland Wastes all the way down to the Fillydelphia Badlands.

There’s plenty of speculation as to its purpose from the dispossessed sons and daughters of Equestria’s Stables, but only the refugees from the Cloud States talk any sense about it. Some think it’s like a giant canal, funneling wild Everfree storms away from beleaguered Enclave weather control systems. Others say it’s a malfunction, or Everfree properly asserting itself in the absence of Luna and her sister. However, most testify that it’s like a border/environmental containment barrier/demilitarized zone, the gulf marking the separation between the two strongest coalitions of pegasi City States and ex-Equestrian Air Force military groups. None claim to know the truth, and it’s been nearly a generation since anypony saw any new pegasi descending from the heavens.

Like so many, Everfree Falls was not born for greatness, yet greatness is being thrust upon her. Her fertile soils hold the long buried Spirit of Equestria in them, and where the Virtues of Friendship sprout, so too can their defenders take root.

The unicorn lovechild of an Everfree Falls native and a stranger, the young Cinnamon Sugar claims the title of Guard Captain for Everfree Falls. Armed with quick hooves, a rakish grin and a very large sniper rifle, Cinnamon Sugar finds friends in unlikely places (usually after beating said friends silly). Her experience as a member of a mercenary outfit, scavenger in Stalliongrad, and talent for making allies of adversaries has proven invaluable in turning Everfree Falls from an ill-defended sprawl into a Wasteland Citadel protected and called home by reformed raiders. However, her tendency to put her own health at the bottom of her list of concerns -- and her stellar track-record (or perhaps the influence of her magic) encouraging complacency in her underlings and wards -- consistently makes life interesting for her and everyone around her.

Fortunately, she’s not alone.

A type of pony colloquially known as an “earthasus,” Isobar is the earth pony offspring of two full-blooded pegasi-- which is not to say that knowledge of her history is common in Everfree Falls. She was hired on by the town’s Mayor -- Shimmering Constellations -- out in Manehattan, and the slender mare does much to maintain an aura of aloofness and mystery about her. Isobar’s defining traits are her good looks, sharp tongue, and remarkable control of the weather. Her weather station on the outskirts of Everfree Falls is the lynchpin of the town’s current level of prosperity, and her love-affair with the chaotic might of Everfree’s sky-magic keeps the seasons on time and helps mitigate the damage Everfree’s storms invariably cause, both for Everfree Falls and everypony on down the line. However, as a Mare of the World between thirty and forty summers, Isobar’s past is as uncertain as her future. Though the scars her hide bears do little to mar her beauty, will the things that caused them return to haunt her?

With the Wastes of the Equestrian Heartland experiencing their quickening, countless greedy claws would love to sink into the fertile soil of Everfree Falls and claim it for themselves. The question is, will Everfree Falls be ready when the Forge of Heroes is stoked?

And what new daredevils will splash from the crucible when that fire rises...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hello there! I’m Damnfool, the Game Master of Everfree Group, a weekly PnP RPG adventure set in an alternate version of Fallout: Equestria fairly similar to the original, but with a few key differences (as you can probably surmise from the expository write-up above). The game takes place on the Canternet IRC network and has been text-only thus far.

The game's been running Tuesdays at 18:00 GMT. If you don't think you can make that time, we can have a conversation about that.

As for a bit about me, I’ve been with Fallout: Equestria and its RP community since the beginning just about, but I’ve not always been the most outspoken or visible element of the community. Still, I’ve stuck with it because I love Fallout (especially the first and second ones) and I love MLP: Friendship is Magic, and I’ve always thought this crossover embodies the best of both.

I’ve been running this campaign with two close friends for a few months now, but with how well it’s been going, I’ve become interested in expanding the player roster by two or so.

The system we’ve been using is not the Sunrise Revised PnP system which the majority of the FoE PnP’s on the board here have used, and which Kkat and many others have been dutifully working on. Rather, it’s a system I came-up with myself which I tried to build for adaptability, ease of use and high-stakes dice rolling. You can find it below.

Here are my instructions for potential applicants:

1) Read all the materials posted here so you can get a sense for the tone of the setting and campaign. There’s a fair variety tone-wise in FoE games, I’ve found, so it’ll be helpful if you can “use your nose” here (so to speak) before you try and field a concept that likely won’t work in the setting.

2) Either by post in the forums here or by PM to me, introduce yourself and give me a bit of your history with PnP RPG’s and FoE, then give me a sense of the character concept you’ll want to play. I won’t say no to a character sheet if that’s what you toss my way, but what I’m really looking for is a write-up which illustrates who your character is, where they come from, and what the core idea of their concept is, all generally presented in a prose style.

3) Providing me with a Skype name is useful, but optional.

And that’s it! Have fun and good luck.

Current Players and Player Characters:
- Isobar (played by GreenBank)
- Cinnamon Sugar (played by MelonHunter)

System Reference Document
Character Reference Document
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Re: Everfree Group - Looking For Players

Post by DamnfoolBrony » Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:49 am

Group's still active, and still looking for a new player or two.

We've been playing on Sundays starting at 18:00 UTC lately.

Current Players and Player Characters:
- Isobar (played by GreenBank)
- Cinnamon Sugar (played by Melon Hunter)
- Tequila Sunrise (played by Castille)

Join them in their quest to push back the forces of Unity before they gain a foothold in the greater Everfree region!

Isobar and Cinnamon are augmented by a mercenary cool and fresh from the frozen north-- a cybergriffin by the name of Tequila Sunrise! But all is not as it seems. He questions even the most basic facts of Wasteland life, meeting everyday indignities like they're fresh wounds to his pride, and not the well-worn scars every veteran Wastelander bears. Despite his hardened appearance and body woven-through with high-tech military reinforcement, is it possible he's fresh from a Stable? And when the Wasteland exerts its inexorable pressure upon him afresh, will he bend gracefully, or warp like ill-tempered steel?

Truly, the group's mettle will be tested both individually and collectively. New opportunities and challenges set upon them from around every bend as they enter the near-distant territory of New Appleoosa, where a town of once-slavers and raiders now sits under new(-ish) management. Entering into the situation, our protagonists see that Unity's forces blockade them, threatening siege in the near future.

What deals will they cut with the morally questionable New Appleoosans to prevail against the burgeoning union of Red Eye and the False Princesses' "Goddess"?

Can the First Citizens of New Appleoosa -- the gorgeous Velvet Remedy, stalwart Deadshot Calamity, enigmatic Littlepip and calculating Maple Leaf -- be trusted?

And what of New Appleoosa's Ranger cohorts from the Golden Hills Chapter? What game is their commander -- Field Scribe Necessary Force -- playing, and how stands the professional relationship between her and this 'Star Paladin Steelhooves' who seems to stand shoulder to shoulder with her? (Metaphorically speaking, of course!)

Dare you find out for yourself?

Post in this thread, send me a PM on the forum, or a memo on the Canternet IRC if you're interested. I'm DamnfoolBrony there as well.

I'd love to hear from you.
"Kiss Equestria goodbye, gals."

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Re: Everfree Group - Looking For Players

Post by TicTac » Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:10 pm

If this group is still looking for players I've been wanting to get back into PNPs lately, and Sundays are my free day, so that would work perfectly for me. Sounds like a good time. :3

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