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Commission Information

Postby Flarewing » Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:40 pm

Hi, all.

I wanted to post up information about my customized ponies and my willingness to take on commissions. As some of you may know, I have an account on deviantArt where I have pictures of the custom ponies I do, including Fallout: Equestria ponies. I also wanted to let people know that I do take commissions.

I decided I need to have an organized pricing list to point people towards when they ask me how much a particular commission would cost. It isn't that I dislike having to explain umpteen times that doing X and Y and Z to a custom costs $C, because that's not really something I have a problem with. I think it would be easier to have something like this list up because then I could point at it if people haven't seen it before on their own, and people could find what they're looking for. Also, a friend made the comment that they'd never commission someone who didn't have a price list up for public scrutiny, and I can understand the point; who's to say the commissioned artist isn't arbitrarily setting prices? Of course, that kind of pricing behavior is pretty low.

So, yea, quite a few good reasons for making a list.

Ponies who are rehaired and painted: $30
Examples include: Velvet Remedy and Calamity
Ponies who are rehaired, painted, and have minor sculpting work done: $35
Examples include: Littlepip and Blackjack
Ponies with rehairs, paint jobs, and complex sculpt jobs: $40 and up, depending on the level and complexity of the sculpt work
Examples include: Silver Storm and Lacunae

The person asking for the commission is responsible for the cost of shipping.

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