FoE meet Metro

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FoE meet Metro

Postby Metro-dweller » Sun Sep 22, 2013 1:53 pm

Hi so after finishing FoE and halfway through pink eyes (the members on chat were kind enough to give me a read order before delving into the other behemoth PZ), I've been inspired to write a fanfic. I'm a huge fan of Metro 2033 both the book and game and basically explaining what it is, it's a post apocalyptic "First person shooter." What it is narrative the most atmospheric experience survival story, set only 20 years after end of the war during a nuclear winter in the Moscow metro system. So again basically Russian fallout...and why can I saw a FPS is like highest RTS that is Fallout, because your ammunition is your currency, you turn that AK on full-auto, your screw for the rest of the game go to restart cuz your not getting anymore unless you lucking manage to look some more from the environment and the easy stuff was long since taken before you ever got there. Oh and when on the surface the air still toxic so you need to always where a gas mask...and the filters don't last long...and you check your filter's quality by listening to your breathing, if you gasping for air and the glass on your mask is fogging up time to change...or your out of filters and well...time to reload game.

So I plan to do a Zebra (Russian) FoE set only 20 years after the great war inside a mega-spell devastated zebra city's metro system inside zebra lands. As of posting this I've finished the draft for my prologue (3k word) and a third way through first chapter (currently +3K word), and will post both to Fimfiction when finished first chapter. Looking right now for proof readers preferably those that have received their education in grammar from the Nazi school, but non-evil pre-readers would be very much appreciated! Fair warning though, I'm more a math student then an English one my spelling is awful :derpytongue2:

I'll email google doc link to all interested thanks for you time!

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