What stories do you recommend to read?

General discussion about the wonderful Fallout: Equestria side stories.
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Re: What stories do you recommend to read?

Postby HighOctaneWildebeest » Mon May 28, 2012 4:15 pm

I recommend my story as well, Warring Factions. People seem to be enjoying it so far.

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Re: What stories do you recommend to read?

Postby Zab » Tue May 29, 2012 8:46 am

OI! What is with this self-indulging thread!
It's madness! And that's coming from me! Pirates everywhe- oh, wait. No pirates. That would be silly.
Being the different one, I don't recommend mine. After all, there are a ton more better ones out there than mine about a self-fueled contradiction on legs, powered by insanity.

I've taken a bit of a break on writing Cogs of Justice. I'm watching the views on my forum post for it. I'll wait until it gets around 30 before I start to write it again.
Let it be known that these wretched lives shall be taken today under the watchful eyes of those innocents who have died, pleading for their blood to be shed...
... Or maybe we can just dance! Dancing is always fun with cold-blooded murderers! Lots of neat stories!
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Re: What stories do you recommend to read?

Postby Doomande » Wed Oct 10, 2012 7:56 pm

Where to start where to start.

Heroes is one of the bigger and better ones that are out there. With Dise as it's playground is it one of the first stories that I read that are playing on a other playground than Fo:E and PH, and it is always nice to see new places. That Silver Storm is a very well written pony is not hurting either.

SAT is also a good one, maybe a little short as of now. But it have one of the best written cyperponies if you ask me. Just because 3/4 of your body is metal and that you have a AI that are talking inside your head dosn´t it make you to a powerhouse that can cope with all the things that the Wasteland throws in the head of a pony out there.

The Last Sentinel is also one of the betters I have read. A story with equally nicely thought out lore, badassery and coolness. It is also nice to see a group with only 3 ponies when most others is packing a minor army that have a specialist to do anything. That Frost the headpony is starting out in max lv instead of 1 is also interesting since we go directly into the story without all the training and learning that we have seen so many times before.

I am also going to recommend Rolling Bones, equally because I pre-read on it, and because it is a story that are going in it own pace so the characters have the right time to evolve and breath. Without a giant save the world quest and the only special about the main guy that he haves a whopping 10 in Luck, but aren't a superman just because of that.

Besides that am I only going to say, read the description on some stories and see what you think sounds good. For there isn´t any directly bad Fo:E stories out there, or any that I have seen yet. Fo:E is amazing since it is bringing something up in all that are just screaming on good ideas and amazing plots. That the lore is so good isn´t hurting either. So what I am saying is jump into it and see for yourself if there is anything that are catching your eyes. And have fun, don't forget to have fun :pinkiehappy:

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